Amazing Benefits of Earning Lawful (Halal) Wealth

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Although earning or acquiring wealth  is recommended and is good the accumulation of wealth is not that recommended and this is a very delicate matter that is overlooked by most people.

The new concept that is presented in the lines below – that is also based on Islamic Principles – is this that acquiring wealth in accordance to Shariah Law or earning Lawful (Halal) wealth is similar to creating a medicine for the sick hearts; the sick hearts of those whom have either i) by the way of acquiring and then consuming wealth in an unlawful manner; and or ii) by acquiring and consuming Haram (prohibited) money, have lost their health.

In other words, their hearts have got so sick; that is, covered with a veil, that not only their own conscious could not help them to cure their hearts, but – because of the veil that has covered their hearts – due to consuming Haram sustenance – the advice of others does not also penetrate into their hearts.

The said heart sickness, could change the behaviour of the sick person similar to the behaviour of addicted people.  That is, same as most addicted ones, the addicted person is not even prepared to listen to the speech of those whome try to guide that person to the right path. 

Among the amazing miracles that might take place once we share the Halal money (sustenance) that we have earned – by hard work – with others is this that:

  1.  once it is offered to the people with sick hearts,
  1. in the best possible form or shape,
  1. that the subject person accepts using it,
  1. without feeling that it has received a donation or similar – as the risk is this that the sick person refuses to receive the said money and rejects that.

Then this  Halal money will act as the best medicine to remove the veil that has already covered their hearts and make their hearts unveiled that they could also see the evil associated with unlawful money and walk away from it. 

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اللهم کن لولیک الحجت ابن الحسن 

How to get the best out of your lawful (halal) money?

Assuming that you are now creating Halal (lawful) sustenance and you are intending to make the best use of it.

Ways that you could earn the best SAVAB out of the said Halal sustenance may be listed as follows:

  1. To share it with your neighbours by the way of cooking your national food and sharing it with them. Foods that could be presented as FREE FOOD – غذاي نذري. 
  1. Asking our neighbours if they need any help with any thing. 
  1. Practice the act of giving by the way of giving to those whom ask for help in the best form and manner. 

Among the admirable customs / habits of Muslim Shiite is this that most of them get advantage of every opportunity – such as buying a new house, getting a new born baby etc – to cook FREE FOOD (غذاي نذري) with their lawful earnings and share it with others. This food then would act as a medicine to remove sickness from the hearts of people around them.

As was said earlier – spending the lawful sustenance that we create for the sake of Allah swt – would be one of the best ways to remove the sickness from the hearts of people. 

There are a number of verses in Koran that supports those whom lend their wealth to Allah swt by the way of spending it for His sake; that He will then increase the said loan 700 times and gives that back to them. 

That portion of our wealth that we GIVE as Khums and Zakat is in fact the portion that we keep for ourselves. 

On the other hand, if rather than spending – at least a portion of our earnings – as was explained in the above lines – we try to deposit that wealth; then there is always a risk that it gets stolen from us and then we become a loser. 

There is also a high possibility that by tasting death; the same money to be used by others in an unlawful manner. 

By: M. Falamaki (Dr.)

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