How to return the rights of the working class people back to them?

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In this article it is demonstrated that the only possible way that the working class people could achieve the fruits of:

  • The works that they execute
  • The wealth that they create
  • The valuable metals and stones that they extract from digging the earth
  • The fruit and vegetables, the meat, the milk, the fish that they produce in their farms
  • The tools, mashinaries etc that they create in their factories
  • The software that they produce
  • The books that they write
  • The services – such as transport, medical, childcare … that they give

is this that they all follow the lifestyle of Imam Ali (as); that is, rather than trying to deposit the fruits of their works in Banks, or invest as shares or invest them in the housing or other industries, they try to spend it – without any worries about the future.

The fruits achieved by the way of adaptation of the said lifestyle would then be numerous; among them:

  • Further circulation of money in the community
  • Creation of more works
  • Elimination of organizations such as banks – that sock the blood of people
  • Elimination of lots of unnecessary services that were created just to secure the fruits of your works
  • Elimination of lots of insurance companies … 

It is also inevitable that – during occultation of Imam Mahdi (as) – people pay their Taxes to Governments to have secure boarders. 

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How to return the rights of the working class back to them?

In the lines below it is demonstrated that the only way to get out of the chains of this modern slavery – which is socking the fruits of the lives of people – caused by the existing economical systems – which is controlling the whole globe – is this that we all follow the lifestyle of Imam Ali (as) in relation to working. That is, once we produce a value – rather than changing that value with some numbers in our bank accounts – we change that value with some other values / works created by others. Also, we should all try not to accumulate those values – as an insurance for an unseen future.  

In other words, all we should do is to decide to spend values created by us; as the immediate result of it would be the circulation of money and consequently creating more jobs. And also – when spending – we allocate a good portion of that money to help the needy.

What is value?

In old days, by digging a well to get to water we were creating a value.

Or by building a small accommodation – even one single room – we were creating a value.

Finding valuable and rare metals / stones such as Gold / Silver and Diamond was another way to creating a value.

Working in farms (producing meat, milk, trained horses, camels, donkeys, all sorts of fruits and vegetables) was also another way of creating values.

Here are seven different types of farms:

  1.       Subsistence farm: This is a type of farm that produces only enough food to feed the family with little or no surplus for sale, says Africa Development Promise. This type of farm is not meant to provide income, but would ideally produce all needed food, year-round. This is becoming increasingly popular among Americans who wish to live “off the grid.”
  2.       Commercial farm: This is the opposite of a subsistence farm, says Grade Stack, and is meant to provide income, often the sole form of income, for the farm family. It can consist of growing crops, raising animals for meat, eggs and dairy, raising fish, or a combination of these.
  3.       Crop farm: These farms grow fruits, vegetables, or grain. Most large-scale industrial farms are monoculture farms, meaning they grow only one type of crop at a time. The Union of Concerned Scientistssays this type of farm relies heavily on chemical inputs. Smaller farms tend to be more diversified.
  4.      Fish farm: Also called aquaculture, fish farming is booming. It involves raising enormous quantities of fish in large tanks. According to Grist, although farmed fishhas a less-than-favourable reputation, well-managed fish farms are sustainable, clean, and can produce high-quality protein.
  5.      Dairy farm: This type of farm focuses on raising animals for milk. The milk can then be used to make other dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Most large dairy farms raise dairy cows, but some artisanal dairy farms may raise sheep or goats.
  6.       Poultry farm: Most poultry farms raise chickens and turkeys for meat consumption, but some raise chicken for eggs. About 18 percent of all poultry meat in the U.S. is exported, says the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Large-scale farms are the norm, but consumer demand for locally-produced, pastured, and humanely raised poultry is growing.
  7.       Meat farms: These farms exist solely to raise animals for slaughter and consumption. They can be divided into other categories like pig farms and cattle farms.

Also, in old days, people were exchanging these values with each other and had a normal life.

Later on valuable metals such as gold and silver became a unit for the measurement of the values of an excavated well, a completed house, a trained horse, a camel, a donkey, etc. 

The danger started to show up itself when people started to accumulate gold and silver. 

This accumulation of gold and silver not only generated power but also required security forces to look after those accumulated wealth.

People with these accumulated wealth then employed soldiers to get access to more wealth by the way of attacking and seizing the assets of other tribes / villages etc.

Then other people had to pay part of the values they created to certain kings to protect their homes and their wealth from tyrants. 

It is important to note that the human nature is in such a way that if it has one valley of gold he wants to have a second one; and history of mankind is a witness that almost all tyrants – all with the accumulated power – created by masses of gold – were employing soldier to invade more lands to increase their wealth. That is, to get access to more values they were attacking other tribes; capturing their people as slaves and seizing their properties. 

In other words, they did not mind to even capturing the people of other tribes and making them their slaves – as free means to create work. 

Even now, we have all these concentrated powers that are forming various types of governments – the head of them appearing as kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers … – that apparently are there to protect the boundaries of their kingdom, republic etc and consequently protect the rights of their people. 

And we observe that within each kingdom apart from the Government – with the concentration of wealth that it obtains through Tax – and are all equipped with the armed forces – that are there to secure the country from tyrants – there are other big organizations such as BANKS that do not even secure the properties of people within a country.

What is the best course of action to walk away from this modern slavery?

Now, if we put one step back and all of us – rather than accumulation of the values produced by us by the way of depositing in Banks / Investing in various industries; decide to have a lifestyle similar to that of Imam Ali (as); that is, just to produce enough to satisfy our day to day needs and give the extra to the needy – those people around us that are not able to work – we see that there would be no concentration of wealth and consequently no concentrated of power.  

It is important to note that – during the occultation of Imam Mahdi (as) – because of the so many kings / queens / presidents / prime ministers / … that are existing round the globe, we have no choice but to pay Tax to our government to secure our boarders with Armed forces. 

But in the mean time, while a portion of our works is devoted to the security of our country, why not we all liquidate all those assets that we are currently paying interest or mortgage for as well as take all our money out of the BANKS and then use it through the MOZAREBEH structure to generate more work and Halal Sustenance.

Is this proposed scenario not similar to what Muses pbuh did at the time of release of Bani-Israel from the land of the Freon? That is, by taking all that manpower – with all wealth belonged to them – out of the land belonged to Freon, Muses pbuh produced this potential for the Bani-Israel that once they settle in the promised land they themselves could enjoy the fruits of their own works. 

Furthermore, the following replies received from the Grand Ayatollah Sistani implicitly suggests that it is better not to borrow money from BANKS and pay interest to them (please see the answers to Questions 1 & 6 listed in appendix I below); as it appears that a sustenance that – in it –  has elements of interest could not be considered as Halal sustenance anymore.  This was the Fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani regarding interest.

Work and moral values:

Each person – by spending less time for work – has then more free time to pray and enjoy life – without being in need of spending a portion of its income to BANKS as interest.

Also, currently the fruits of people’s works is not recorded as objects or not even as Paper or Plastic NOTES

and all they receive at the end of the week is some numbers in their bank account to use. 

While every now and then these numbers could be wiped out if a financial crisis takes place.  And furthermore – in some countries – the buying power of these numbers decrease month by month. 

The most important point to pay attention to is this that in all circumstances – all the moral values – values created by our praying – not only gives benefit to everyone, but also they could not be accumulated and consequently would not be a potential for getting stolen. 

Concluding remarks:

The only possible way that the working class people could achieve the fruits of their works is this that they all follow the lifestyle of Imam Ali (as); that is, rather than trying to deposit the fruits of their works in Banks, or invest as shares or invest them in the housing or other industries, they try to spend it – without any worries about the future.

The fruits achieved by the way of adaptation of the said lifestyle would then be numerous.

It is also inevitable that – during occultation of Imam Mahdi (as) – people pay their Taxes to Governments to have secure boarders. 

Therefore, the best course of action is this that we spend our income – immediately after earning – and do not use it for mortgages / term deposit or invest it in housing and / or other industries. This would then change our society to a healthy one, and shortly after we make this decision – that we do not deposit the fruits of our works in BANKS etc – we will observe that BANKS and many businesses associated with BANKS would collapse.  

By: M. Falamaki (Dr.)

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